G & S cleaning is employing new weapons in it's cleaning arsenal, Two of which is Brutabs 6S® Bioesque Disinfectant Solution. These products are EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants and Brutabs 6S® and Bioesque Disinfectant Solution have demonstrated great effectiveness against viruses similar to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, they can be used against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) when used in accordance with the directions for use against Norovirus, Coxsackievirus, and Hepatitis A viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces. 
G & S Cleaning has used Brutabs 6s and Bioesque Disinfectant Solution extensively for disinfecting offices and restaurants in Massachusetts during the coronavirus/covid-19 outbreak.

This new novel coronavirus appears to be "more hearty" than other corona viruses because it is believed to survive much longer on surfaces and in the air, and is therefore more easily transmitted.

The good news is COVID-19 is not resistant to disinfectants because it’s an enveloped virus. This means that when coronavirus is attacked by a good disinfectant, like Brutabs 6s or Bioesque Disinfectant Solution, it dies and disinfecting just happens to be a staple of the professional cleaning routine used by G & S Cleaning Service, LLC.

The 6 Feet Office: Helping you Adjust to the New Normal.

​We are living though some extraordinary times, where we need to take some never heard measures. Social distancing signage was an unknown term until a few weeks ago. Then all of a sudden it became not just common, but absolutely necessary.

Certain phrases surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked global conversations, the most notable being social distancing – the entire world now understands the importance of staying six feet away. Across the globe, we’re in different stages of experiencing the pandemic. But, as we begin visualizing life after COVID-19, we must begin to think about the new normal and how we will adjust.
“The 6 feet rule” isn’t going away any time soon and we must not forget this golden rule.

G & S Cleaning realizes our offices will never be the same after COVID-19. Eventually we will have to go back to our offices. But how will work… work? Here’s what it could look like. 

Simple solutions:
For example, employees could grab a paper placemat for their desk provided by the employer. At the end of the day, the placemat is thrown away, which could help mitigate COVID-19 spreading on surfaces. A great idea. And hand sanitizing stations at entrances.

More signs:
​Think road signs, but for offices. From 6 feet marking lines in lobbies to standing spots in elevators, circles around desks to lanes in corridors, the floors and walls of our offices are likely to be covered in visual instructions in the future.One possible approach is to encourage employees to walk clockwise, creating one-way flow to minimize transmission, as adopted by many supermarkets during the current outbreak. Using arrows on the floor, people are also encouraged to walk clockwise, and only clockwise, in lanes around the office.

​​How G & S Cleaning is working for a safer office enviroment in the new normal

The 6 feet distancing office. Photo courtesy of Cushman and Wakefield.

What will the office environment be like after the covid-19 pandemic subsides?

It won't be the same that's for sure. The world has changed and so have we and it won't be business as usual anymore. The new normal is here and we will have to adapt to stay safe. Which is why G&S Cleaning, located in Easton, Massachusetts has up-graded their cleaning and disinfecting process to make that happen and to ensure your safety when you go back to work in your office.

​According to GP Pros, a unit of Georgia-Pacific LLC, a leading manufacturer of many paper products and cleaning solutions in the United States, a survey they conducted about the covid-19 / coronavirus outbreak has heightened employee concerns about office hygiene and that their concerns will remain elevated once the pandemic is over. These were their findings from the interviews. 

- Nearly three in four people say that post-COVID-19, they will be somewhat or very concerned about illness spreading in their workplace.

- Almost half of the respondents say that post-COVID-19, they will be somewhat or very concerned that adequate steps to ensure a hygienic workplace will not be taken.

- The great majority (88 percent) say they would feel safer from germs if there were hand sanitizer near the main entrance, yet only 59 percent of offices offered it prior to the pandemic.

- Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed say they would feel safer from germs if there were facial tissue or hand sanitizerjjh at each desk, yet only 40 percent of offices offered it prior to the pandemic. 

- Just over two-thirds say they will remain more concerned about touching restroom door handles than they were before the outbreak.

- About half say they will remain more concerned about touching restroom soap dispensers than they were before the outbreak.

​ -G & S Cleaning can help with these concerns.

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