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Covid 19 Office & Restaurant Electrostatic Disinfecting and Cleaning.​

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G & S Cleaning Service, Inc. is your local full-service commercial janitorial service for Brockton, Taunton, Easton, and the greater Southern Massachusetts area.

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Cleaning large buildings can be a difficult task, especially if those buildings include all manner of surfaces that are challenging to clean and disinfect. Take a school gym for instance. Personnel are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting a large area with multiple exercise hardware and equipment, lockers, and restrooms, all within a very tight limited time.

Traditional wipes and trigger sprays work but require a lot of effort and can be subject to human error, including missed surfaces. However, regular and complete disinfection of these areas is the key to reducing the spread of disease-causing pathogens including Covid-19. This is where G & S Cleaning's electrostatic disinfecting spray technology can be advantageous.

Q. What is electrostatic spraying?
A. Electrostatic spray technology is the new way to apply disinfectants to help education facilities treat surfaces, in less time and with complete coverage than traditional spray and wipe methods. This technology has a history of more than 60 years in other areas, including agriculture, painting, and the automotive industry, but it's only recently been applied to surface disinfection to kill viruses and bacteria during this unprecedented pandemic.

Electrostatic sprayers work by charging disinfecting solution particles as they move through a sprayer nozzle. This generates droplets that repel one another and actively seek out surfaces, which they stick to and wrap around to coat all sides. The benefit is complete coverage, reduced over-spray, and complex shapes can be coated even if they are out of the line of sight.

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Electrostatic Disinfecting for Schools and Education Facilities  Eastern Massachusetts

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The benefits of using electrostatic sprayers in the cleaning industry.
The most important benefit of using electrostatic spraying disinfecting in the cleaning industry for schools and education facilities is the application of disinfectants to kill viruses and bacteria that spread the cold and flu. It also helps to reduce the transmission of other highly contagious illnesses such as Norovirus and now Covid-19.

​Validation and Compliance
G & S Cleaning has tested and validated its line of EPA registered disinfectants and applicators to ensure that disinfecting activity remains constant after using the Electrostatic Spray Hand-Held or Backpack Sprayers.​

G & S Cleaning is a locally owned and operated cleaning company. To have your school facility made safe and disinfected call (508) 230-7400.

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